Roman Jewish Christianity and IHS ->> The Truth!

I spent my life on this, at least look, it's for you

 I am the one that has researched for over 30 years to figure this out & Have the Burden of sharing to as many as possible with no help or funding. 

It is just Unreal to listen to these people lie to the ones that think they are telling them the truth!  

Then they get home and say the word contradicts itself!   no friends it's not the word,, it is the people that's teaching you you don't contradict itself the names are changed and titles changed the teachers and preachers are lying to you they're going against what it says that's really simple and I'll show you why nothing I'm going to show you will contradict or be hard to find it'll help evolution Emmanuel the Father in heaven and everything else fit right there in hand.  

keep in mind it's one thing the angels that had children with the daughters of man they created them in every now that was their children Giants was Miss translating it did not mean in size and men in power and structure like today they have,,, they were human beings just like you and me and just like that bloodline is today they had one flawed or a few you will see the pedophilia Gene and their bloodline!  their bloodline was reversed and reborn with Noah and it restarted at that time is the first time the Messiah chosen from heaven was mentioned and it was said that he will have to come in time, come in time the reason is due to that bloodline growing to dominate before zero, this is why Emmanuel had to come the Messiah close the temple and take power from the high priest he took their place as high priest and mediator he made himself the blood sacrifice for our sins he died for saying he is the son of Father in heaven and he will just like today sit at his right hand just like today he is still our mediator and high priest and just like he said you have to pray in his name and ask for forgiveness of your sins but you got to get his name right!

The Pope did announce to every one   Lucifer is  Christianity's god and the Father of Christ who is Horus son of ISIS!  it was harshest father's spirit that come out of the Sun and entered into him when it sis his mother mother of God brought him back to life!  This is the Trinity!    IHS 

Every one that isn't of the angels of the Earth's blood line needs to Regroup and look at what we are told. by The Father and Son.   The teacher and preacher have been lying a very long time.and  of course we were told!

 I mean if you looked! 

My family Has been tricked by the creator of his own lies! -> Nothing of the heavens earth or under the sea! No images! Idols! No rituals! Nothing can represent the Father or His Son in heaven. We we are told this. Nothing,, this is how you can see by the Fruit!  who who was of the father and who is 100% not! he simply said nothing!!  the star at the top of the Jewish temple,, that's big fruit right there my friends, then it fell from heaven and became the day Morningstar soul Invictus or the Sun Lucifer! my friends both of these images are the same they represent Lucifer just like the crown and all the rays of the Sun represents the Royal bloodline,, of the Angels children the same as the gods of the earth before the flood the Greek gods I think they call him!   we were told nothing of the Heavens to Earth are under the sea nothing all for a reason.   the reason is that's how the sons and daughters of the Angels and gods of the Earth worship and praise their gods and use the energies of the Earth,,, the chosen of the Father in heaven are never that you have any image of any kind of the heavens the Earth are under the sea!  anyone like it says that wants to be like brothers and sisters too the family ever fall in heaven all they have to do is follow the directions Emmanuel given praying his name for forgiveness become me can trust in your spirit. he said we have to be reborn in the spirit and become make as a child again and trust in the spirit stop listening to your brain the world and the flesh! 

It does not matter what it means to us!      nothing means nothing we cannot make anything other than what it is out of it! 


 The two you just commented on Jewish and Roman Christianity->  started their religions to worship the gods of the earth!  This is the Harlot with many offspring. 

Emmanuel closed the temple of the house of Israel!
He made us our OWN Temple because the blood line, that is the  offspring of the angels 😇 dominated before zero and controlled every thing!

And has only grown larger today !
Lucifer is the father of the earth and SOL -Invictus then Mytherisam that was changed into Christianity!  

Christianity originated as followers of the Christ who is Horus the son of ISIS who is mother of  god  (HORUS) his Father's spirit from the sun or (Sol Saul Sun/) was brought into his flesh when his mother ISIS re- birthed him!  this is the Trinity IHS the foundation of all Christianity! 

The day that is set  for Lucifer is worshiped and praised by most on his day --> Sun day Lucifer's day, Christianity's day!  Constateen!  The very one that change Sol-Invictus day to mass for Christ being they are the same with the same birthday!  Christmas  Horus the Christ. hi father Lucifer Dec 25. these days are set by the angels and gods. and Father in heaven!  why he gives his day. 7th Sabbath Saturday. never will the get mixed up.  Never can any one change them! 

 Constateen pushed  Christianity and made it against the law to worship on the Father in heavens day. The Sabbath Saturday!

 Killing off the last of the fishers of men.  Saturday Sabbath!

These days don't change and are days set a long time ago for praise and worship ! For the different gods and angels. their days are the days.

It does not matter what we think or believe!  ->>it matters what we were told not to and to do! 

  7th will always be THE GREATEST Gods  DAY!  rest are the other gods. Join in on their praise and birthday parties you are choosing them. Today 2.2 billion Christians worshipping on the day of the sun Sol Invictus or the star that fell from heaven -->Jewish star top of the Temple that after it fell became the day morning star the sun. Christianity's foundation the sun with IHS in the middle
. IHS. ISIS. HORUS n Sol. The Trinity.
Paul Saul Sol. Is the False profit   names from heaven, days and titles, do not change.
Emmanuel is still Emmanuel God with us. In his flesh was the Son and only son the Father that he made in his own image! He sent his only Begotten Son!  he sent him ! 0
Jesus is Zeus. Izeus hail Zeus is really the God you are praying to and using when you say Jesus. Christ is Horus. 
They are real and the blood line of the angels started back after the flood with Noah. Before the flood they were giants in power but not in size!

  They created giants for war and to build !  A little mistranslation people made.  To make them and the angels blood line hard to see. 
No it's not big giants with wings. it was mistranslated on purpose. 
It is the Pope an head of Rites and of course the way they could tell the blood line or descendants of the angels hardley had pigment of the skin. The Adam gene the father in heaven started to give structure and purpose was. What Adam is defined as back then. Ruddy Red Man. A gene. The less pigment with the angels 1nd angelic gene  and daughters of man created the very pale pale blood line that Noah carried on.   
When the Father of Noah  asked Enoch about this child that was born in likeness of the offering of the angels --> Enoch said it had purpose to let it live. And then mentioned the coming of the Messiah chosen from heaven would have to come.  They are saying when that blood line fully developed to become more of it's father of the earth. Than the father in heaven. This is why the Messiah Emmanuel had to come and close them only Temple of the house of Israel.

 The old that was talked about is the other son of Abraham an the concubines 12 tribes. Islam the old that still keeps the Father in heavens laws and day!

  People don't look they listen. But don't listen to the Father's direction. And his son's. they have trusted the most important to teachers and preachers!  that lied!  of course we were told not to trust bandit be of the earth an flesh. 

Just to help show.
Their is no Jewish temple or christian that is for the father in heaven ! 
Emmanuel closed it when the Vail ripped he became the high priest and mediator for every one that will listen to his directions. Pray in his name for forgiveness. I'f not you will not get forgiveness!  
The reason. The last Covalent means deal.  Made with them not us!  The ones tricked get to trade at the end with Lucifer's family.
We are judged today by who we follow praise and worship.
But we have a chance to change before the body dies
After the body dies!  We have made our trade. To keep our blessing or to give it to the ones that were not going to get it! The children of the Angels and gods of the earth!  That are the chaff that chokes the yield out of it's blessing.  Weeds are many more than the yield and the few that get the blessing is the yield.
What the profit is that comes from all this.
Of course we are given directions by the greatest of all the gods
And his son he watched get spit on and tortured for people that did not listen to what he said. Then could not even keep his name.
Pretty bad.
Well I hope this helps. It does me because, I'm just now writing all this so I can share it. This is my practice sheet. Lol. The children of Lucifer are working hard to make Revelations come as fast as possible so they can get their investment the blessings of the ones they trick. The trickery of Mardi gras. So it's all supposed to happen an is an has been for a long time.


  1. Real Easy Emmanuel is the Messiah son of the Father in Heaven
    Horus is Christ with his father's spirit in him lucifer
    2 sons 1 the Heavens
    1 the Earth. The Double edge Sword!


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