ARE the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, & Spirit of Truth All the same? a study given.

The question is the holy Spirit holy Ghost and spirit of Truth are they all the same? The answer is no! The reason for this answer. Holy means some thing or some one -->sacred or blessed,, The spirit that was holy that entered into Elizabeth who is John's mother was the spirit of Elijah   Emmanuel said that Elijah was in John. That would be the holy Spirit of Elijah that enterd John . Emmanuel was prophesied about and he fulfilled the prophecy born of a virgin who was Mary.  That's not all the prophecy, he came to  take the scepter of power away from the ones that were acting as kings and they were using the temple for the god of the Earth's work instead of the God in heaven.  That's right it's Judah, that had become more of there father of the earth and creator of his own lies  The blood line of the angels & Daughters of man, Noah was the restart for this Gene.  This is the Royal blood line of the Earth The spirit holy Spirit that enter the Emmanuel was the

25 Year study Final answer--> GJinc Research & Minestry -->> WHO IS THE ANTI-MESSIAH & FALSE PROFIT The one that Tricked the whole world!

  The ANTI-MESSIAH is Christ  CHRIST IS THE son of Isis -->Horus.  Isis brought her son Horus back with her husband's spirit out of SOL-INVICTUS  lucifer the Father of the earth and creator of his own lies. JOHN 8  HORUS IS CHRIST AND. IHS IS ISIS HORUS SOL.  THE ONLY TRINITY! THE FALSE PROFIT IS.   SAUL SOL/PAUL.  14 UNWITNESSED BOOKS THE ONLY MENTIONED THAT COULD BE A WITNESS IS A GOD OF THE EARTH AND MARSI GRAS 

The answer to -> Does your soul know were it will be in the end?

No,,, the soul is part of the Body,, the godface or penile gland people refer to as the third eye,,, the brain is the flesh , the penile is of the spirit unnurtured and unused by most, as one trust more in the spirit they begin to build a greate54r energy or waves We where told we have to become meek again and trust the spirit  & be reborn in the spirit to Get our blessing. The little voice that is always right but does not pay or so it seems to the brain or flesh We" in our acts and worship and praise decide our end after this flesh life ,,, that's why it says only a few, We have to creat and grow to become the yield that the chaff chokes most of out Yield is a product that is created from life and going by directions against what the majority does in this life & most history shows jail and death where the end results for the real true children of the Father in heaven. But then it depends the children of Lucifer don't know until the end , they get the

Who do you worship?

Look at your religion,,, does it have an image , a crucifix, the Sun, the star, a person, a statue,  do you have rituals like the pope and sun dial in sun day. Lucifers day.  Do you Resppect the Sabbath Saturday.  The days don't change. Do you go to party's or celebrate Horus's birthday mass for Christ. SOL-INVICTUS  day! This is what Christmas has always been,  Easter.  These are days for the children of the angels and gods of the earth,, not for the Father in heaven!  He said his day Is the last the 7th to the end of time. Constateen changed it to his gods day sun day. When he pushed Christianity but with the foundation IHS  Constateen changes Saturday the Father in heavens to Sol invictus day. Sun day. Look really good.  Nothing He said nothing.  No Images No Idols No rituals Nothing!   NOTHING

Pagen and Christian the same as wicca??

Real good question Wicca witch craft or using the energies of the earth  is very  real. Goes back to the Angels that created their own blood line with Daughters of man .. Practices go all the way back to to the children of the angels and Daughters of man & much farther when it comes to creation and Evolution. These practices we're taught to  the children of the angels and Daughters of man!  Men & Woman of Renoun. Who then dominated  & Today dominate, WHO ARE LIKE GIANTS  IN POWER !  THEN AND TODAY ! The children became what is called today the Greek gods Before the Flood ,  The men & Woman of renowned, in our Bible. They had learned from the angels how to use the energies of the earth through writing , through rituals , through images , through statues ,  Praise , special days ,, of worship. These days, names, Rituals, and so on,  are still the same today! They don't change with time.   We can not change them ! WHY THE FATHER IN HEAVEN SA

Roman Jewish Christianity and IHS ->> The Truth!

I spent my life on this, at least look, it's for you  I am the one that has researched for over 30 years to figure this out & Have the Burden of sharing to as many as possible with no help or funding.  It is just Unreal to listen to these people lie to the ones that think they are telling them the truth!   Then they get home and say the word contradicts itself!   no friends it's not the word,, it is the people that's teaching you you don't contradict itself the names are changed and titles changed the teachers and preachers are lying to you they're going against what it says that's really simple and I'll show you why nothing I'm going to show you will contradict or be hard to find it'll help evolution Emmanuel the Father in heaven and everything else fit right there in hand.   keep in mind it's one thing the angels that had children with the daughters of man they created them in every now that was their children Giants was Miss translating it

I am outside burning up with this virus, No tatse can't breath hardly +-> writing this for you!!! -> At least listen and read!

There was two chosen of The Father in heaven   12 Islam   Abraham's wifes  Concubine  Hagar 12 Israel. Abraham's  wife  No other   No Jew,, no  Judaism Easy fruit to See -> The star 🌟 at the top of the temple is Lucifer's!  The Father had 12!  not just 1 The Father's chosen on each side is a family of 12 not 1 ! The house of Israel was spread out  On Israels side! The temple in it's history shows it became corrupt hundreds of years before Zero   The Messiah --->™chosen from heaven    Emmanuel is his only name  God with us the only defanition The word means Instruction  The only BEGGOTEN son of the Father in Heavens "Spirit" was  inside the flesh of Emmanuel The very one that let sin in Was reborn in the flesh and walked to show us how to be!  Give us the new instructions needed for the last deal (covanent)   How to get our blessing at the end! He knew he was going to be spit on, treated like rubbish He already knew he was going to be whipped and bea